Party woes

This week I said so long to my best work friend. We had a terrific year of coffee runs and weekend adventures, and I’m going to miss her dearly. This fab girl warranted a fab send off – which I think we accomplished. From last-day cake to a fantastic party with all the fixings, we said goodbye in style.

Anyone who has ever been on a diet and/or healthy living plan knows these types of events present major willpower tests. This week I felt like I was the protagonist in a avoid-the-junk-food video game (read: the worst video game ever). 

First, the cake: I cut it, put it on plates and refrained from indulging. In my head I heard the sound of coins being collected in super Mario brothers. Truthfully, if I’m going to cheat, it’s probably not going to be on store bought cake.

Second, the party: despite offers, I didn’t consume any alcohol and stuck mostly to the veggie tray, along with two pieces of cheese with two wheat thins. I heard the sound of more coins.

While there were goodbye tears, I was still really proud of my willpower.

This morning, however, I weighed myself a coupled days early to know where I stood before I went away for the week. Not only have I not lost anymore, I gained 0.4 of a pound. I was crushed. I heard the descending minor scale that plays when Mario dies.

And just like that plumber protagonist, I will start again this week at the beginning of the level.


No wind, no rain

It’s been just over a week since I started this little adventure, and what a trip!

My biggest accomplishment in the last week has to be the enormous mountain (moderate slope) I started climbing a few days ago. It may have started by accident, but once I started to climb (breathlessly struggle) I couldn’t stop. Not even Sunday’s downpour stopped me – it may have even hastened my pace. I was having such a good hair day pre-walk too!!! My good hair day almost prevented me from venturing out, but that’s silly.

What starting this process has done has removed those intense feelings of shame I had been having. Before, if I was having a fatty problem (trouble fitting in a chair, walking up the stairs, hugging a bear – that’s not real, it just rhymed), I was far too ashamed to admit that made me feel. Arms on a seat is the thigh-crushing enemy of anyone with a wide rear. Don’t even get me started on those stupid white plastic garden chairs! If the cheap piece of garbage manages to stabilize any amount of weight, it comes with you when you stand again!!!

It’s so liberating to air this out. 

I’m gonna make it after all

As I ventured out on my morning walk, I had every intention of taking the less taxing flat route, until I ran into a neighbour at the crossroads. Out of fear of looking like I was trying to avoid her, I opted to conquer everest (i.e., the small hill on my walk) and it felt great!

It put me in a great mood for the rest of the day. Truthfully, I’ve been in a great mood since I started this project. All of the amazing support I’ve received has helped so much.


I work out

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face and ready to face the day. I knew I had to move.
Confession time: I’ve been paying for a gym membership since January…and I’ve gone a grand total of three times. This has been a major source of guilt over the past 10 months – that tag on my keychain that’s clearly not fooling anyone (including myself). I wasn’t quite ready for all of the scary machines today, so I went for a walk.
It was crisp, cool and sunny and I felt like I could take on the world, or at least the one kilometre around what we call ‘the loop’ in our neighbourhood. There are three ways to tackle this loop – the first contains a hill, the second cuts the walk in half and the third is the full walk but eliminates the hill.
I set out for the full kilometre (including the hill) – that is until I started approached the diverging paths. The hill, which in all honesty is not that big, suddenly looked like Mount Everest. I let myself off the hook and took the easy route – this time.
I started to feel minor pangs of failure, until I saw two young deer. (This is going to sound ridiculous). But these two deer scaled the side of this hill in the frolicking the way deer do with their short, white tails. My first thought – show offs. Then they came back and stood as though they were a crowd at the end of a race cheering on the competitors. I jogged the rest of the way home, which was only a few steps, and pretended to high-five the deer on my way by.
As a final note – I weighed myself today. It was a scary, scary number – but didn’t send me to tears, or worse, food like it has in the past. It was just reassurance that I need to do this.

Thank you for being a friend

What an incredible way to kick off a week, a blog and, most importantly, a new lifestyle. I’m feeling love and support from family, friends, coworkers, people I’ve interviewed as a reporter and people I hardly know. What a rush!

I caught myself with tears in my eyes a couple of times today after reading so many kind words.

This journey is just beginning, and I know there are going to be some less than stellar moments, but today was definitely a win.

As an update, I’ve been eating really well for the past week, and now it’s time to step up my exercise game. I’ll let you know how it goes!

The beginning – again

I’ve yet again made it a goal to shed some extra poundage. It’s going to be a heck of a long process, and goodness knows, I need help. It took me 30 years to get to this point.  I’ve recently been inspired by a friend/coworker who blogs about running and recently met her summer’s goal of running a half marathon in under two hours (whoa). While impressive, it wasn’t the run in itself that inspired me – it was setting a goal and meeting it. I can only imagine how incredible that must’ve felt. 

While it’s doubtful I’ll be tackling a half marathon any time soon, I would like to properly fit into a chair with arms. This may sound absurd to anyone who’s never struggled with extra weight, but I can guarantee it’s no fun to have the sides of your legs meet the judging, hard plastic arms of an arena seat. When I took in last week’s Skate Canada festivities (tiny figure skaters at peak athletic strength), I dreaded the end of every Canadian’s performance for fear of the standing ovation. Don’t get me wrong, I was incredibly proud of the competitors, but standing up meant awkwardly squeezing myself from the clutches of the chair, only to squeeze myself back down, while simultaneously forcing the arms over just enough to prevent the seats next to me from flipping down properly.

That was a moment I shall cling to for quite some time.

Now, you may wonder why I’m publicly expounding (pun) my greatest weakness. I started counting calories at the end of last week via an app on my smart phone, and I read an article by a woman who lost 200 lbs. Her advice was to share with everyone because, much like Hilary Clinton’s philosophy on child rearing, it takes a village.

For health, happiness and some vanity, my goal is to lose 200 lbs. This is a long term goal, obviously. This blog shall highlight the good, the not-so-good and the hilarious along the way.

I shall now share my first anecdote of this journey; it just happened yesterday. I had an excellent eating day, which included a delicious and healthy meal at Britts with a dear friend. My handy app told me I had about 300 calories left to consume, so I decided to splurge on some movie theatre popcorn (no butter with a bottle of water). As I’m enjoying my first few bites, I decide to input the treat into my trusty app, only to realize the popcorn contained 1,000 calories. Not cool. I proceeded to dump the entire bag into the trash. Waste of money, but a win for health.

Thanks for reading!