Hijinx in the Hub City despite the best laid plans

I almost completed my second ever 5k today.

No, I wasn’t injured or strained.

I was late for the race, and couldn’t be happier about it.

I had two Moncton goals Sunday – to race and to eat at Tajmahal.

Unlike the last 5K I participated i  at Marathon by the Sea in 2015, I have actually been training for this sort of walk.

Me after coming in last place at last year’s Marathon by the Sea in Saint John. My entire training regimen consisted of not drinking beer for three days.

Since early September, I’ve been participating in a fitness challenge at work. I went from being nearly sedentary  (and sad about gaining previously lost weight back) to averaging nearly 12,000 steps per day. This is in no small part to two colleagues who have fast-become my walking buddies and dear friends. Plus our other team members have been putting miles and miles on their shoes as well, which has kept me motivated – I’d never want to let my team down. And while it’s been fun, it hasn’t always been easy. Walking through blisters, rain and the many, many, MANY hills of Saint John has had its moments. After the first couple of weeks, my boss asked me if I enjoyed all the walking.  I looked at her and quickly said, NO! (For the record, this is no longer true.)

Beating my personal best in the driving rain on Thanksgiving Sunday as part of a corporate walking challenge.

A week ago, I suggested we head to Moncton for the annual Legs for Literacy race Sunday morning.

Vastly underestimating the time it would take to get from Saint John to downtown Moncton, I saw the large pack of racers – predominantly dressed in blue – make their way around the corner as I sought a parking space.

I had my own race against time on my hands.

I found the race site and explained my situation.  I was too late to race,  but they handed me a cool new (and blue) long-sleeved T-shirt. I saw one of my dear former colleagues and his wife cross the finish line and cheered as loudly as I could. These races are fun (especially when you’re not running).

It then donned on me that I needed to get steps since I didn’t get my planned five kilometres. I found my friend with whom I travelled and we went on an adventure to Sackville.

We accidentally discovered the Waterfowl Park in the adorable university town (home of Mount Allison).

It. Is. Stunning.




And because we had such an early start, it was not even noon when we finished.

Perfect,  time for some delicious Indian food.

It was perfect until we discovered the restaurant doesn’t open  until 4 p.m.

That meant it was time to shop. Then see a movie. Then finally, time for some delicious Indian food. Drove to Main Street. Closed for the weekend!!!!!!

I may have met zero of two Moncton goals, but hey, who doesn’t love a great story of hijinx in the Hub City.

(For the record, Pump House happily fed us and I started Christmas shopping).


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