Gone, but not forgotten

Have you ever been stabbed?

Well, I haven’t either; however, the intestine-squeezing, tear-inducing, feels-like-I’m-going-to-die pain of a gallbladder attack is how I’d imagine getting stabbed feels. (spoiler alert: not pleasant).

The good news is that these attacks, caused by stones, are a direct result of the nearly 50 pounds I’ve lost in the last number of months. I’ve been a little slack on the blogging, but not so slack on the actual reason I started the blog. I have to admit, I’m fairly proud of myself and, when I’m not suffering, I feel better than I have in quite a long time.

I actually RAN up the flight of stairs from the parking lot to my office after lunch today. It used to be that I’d hop up the first couple, then slow down so as to not embarrassingly run out of breath as I marched into work.

Now that spring has almost sprung, it’s time for me to step up my game. I feel like I’ve hit a rather depressing plateau in the last month or two. I’m still happy with what’s been accomplished so far, and happier still that I haven’t let this slump spin out of control into a smorgasbord of bad food choices (though sometimes I think it might be delicious for a moment), but I need to break my winter blahs and maybe even break a sweat.

Yes, it’s time to start working out. I’m always envious of my runner friends and family because they look like they have so much fun. Then, I actually try running and unless there’s something chasing me, I’m unlikely to make it more than a few paces. In fact, even if there was something chasing me, I’d probably be more successful trying to negotiate my way out of peril. And then there’s the treadmill. That is an absolutely terrifying machine. I’m cool with its cousin the elliptical, but the treadmill, it never stops. I once was walking away at the gym in Woodstock, while also gabbing with my then-roommate, and my foot hit the side of the machine. The machine kept going. I most definitely fell to the ground.

The terrifying treadmill and I are NOT friends.

Which brings me back to trying to find a palatable work out. Any suggestions, friends?

I’m sure ready to kick-start spring.


6 thoughts on “Gone, but not forgotten

  1. Katelin!! Hello! There’s so much I want to type in this little comment section, but I’ll keep it on the subject of this post,. I have a workout plan that my friend sent to me post baby, and though I haven’t started it, she swears by it. Email me!! I’ll send it along, plus we can play catch up. Miss you xx

  2. Ya Katelin!!! 50 lbs…. incredible!!! My advice is to find something you enjoy. You love walking, right? Just kick it up a notch by doing a few walking lunges or holding 5 lb weights along the way. Pick a hilly route. Get a bike! Oooh! Kayak!!! I’ll come with 🙂

  3. Hi Katelin, 50ibs wow !!! At this juncture you need to regroup and refocus on your body . Find 10 to 20 min. A day to meditate and feel your body every part and tell yourself how thankful you are for how it helps you ,, pamper yourself with baths maybe ! And definitely do exercise you enjoy but only 30 min but do it every day don’t push it just do it to enjoy the movement of your body.. And vary the exercise and times 15 min morning 15 min night …. Take it easy on yourself till you get back in the groove and out of your slump ….. I’m in one too .. But I’m not goin to quit Damit !!!!!!! Xoxox.

  4. congrats katelin….see if there is a Curves in town… their system works all the muscle groups and you get to sit down while you do it..I liked it while it was here…miss it in fact

  5. Katelin, excited to see a post from you again! What about walking? It is simple, free, dignified, does not require a coach or specialized gear, good for all-weather, and for a writer/editor is an amazing opportunity to brainstorm or clear one’s head. Plus it’s easy on the joints and all-weather. I’m a huge proponent (and inconsistent doer) of yoga, too.

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