You say goodbye, and I say hello

From blackouts and board games to the temptation of burger and fries, it’s been quite a time since my last post.
Like so many in the region, we were without power for almost six whole days – and it was pretty fun for the most part. Board games by candlelight and the kindness of friends and neighbours with electricity flowing into their homes was pretty great. In terms of my challenge, it also led me to not eat as much as I may have typically through the Christmas season.
I’m not saying I showed perfect restraint, because I sure didn’t, but I also don’t feel like I overindulged.
I’ve lost another five pounds, which brings my grand total to 29! Another 21 and I’ll hit my first goal.
Of course I’m thrilled about this, but it feels like it’s moving pretty slowly. At the same time, I don’t feel completely overwhelmed by lifestyle changes.
Sometimes I forget that people actually read this blog.
For instance, on Saturday I went to the Ale House for yet another going away party. (Aside: The going away party was for one of my bosses, whom I’ve grown to respect a great deal over the past year and a bit. This is one of the hardest losses for me personally at work because he’s been so good to me as a mentor and friend. I’ve learned much from him and will miss him dearly.) This gathering brought together not only most of my current coworkers, but also a few ex-pats – who incidentally, have been keeping up with this blog!!!
As I was analyzing the menu, seriously considering a burger and fries, a former coworker sat next to me and almost immediately said,
“I’ve been reading your blog! I love it.” She then complimented my writing style, and coming from this exceptional writer, was one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten. She also single-handedly made me reconsider my order.
I definitely ordered something with vegetables.


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