Holding off over the holidays

Chocolate frogs. Rice Krispie squares. Peanut butter balls. Shortbread cookies. Butter tart squares. Chips. More chips. Cookies. Doughnuts. Timbits. Chocolate. More chocolate.

This is the list of dangerously delicious foods that have crossed my path in the last two weeks. Some of it baked at home. Some of it brought into work and left out all day long taunting me. Those long days at my desk when the hunger pangs – after my healthy lunch has long run out – set in and there is that (insert name of deliciously dangerous snack here) just sitting there, mere steps away. 

So I made myself a deal. I decided I wasn’t going to feel guilty if I slipped up…on two conditions: 1) it was going to be homemade and 2) it wasn’t simply going to be because it was there. It was going to be during actual celebration (and of course in moderation).

When I went to my work Christmas party – I sampled some delicious snacks – and they were worth every calorie. When store-bought junk food was taunting me at the office, I resisted. Every time. I’m not gonna lie and say that was easy. It wasn’t. It was painstakingly awful. But I did it and I’m so proud of myself.

And it’s paying off. As of this morning, I was down another five pounds since I last posted. That brings the grand total to 25 pounds, which is halfway to my first goal and 1/8th of my final goal. 


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