Everything’s coming up Katelin

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks-ish since my last post.

First, I took a vacation! I visited my adorable nephew (and his mom and dad), along with amazing friends in Carleton County before heading to the Annapolis Valley for what will forever be known as three days of decadence. 

My friend Gill runs a Saint John-based winery tour business (Uncorked Tours), and used our three-day getaway to visit our dear friend Laurel as a pseudo business trip. When a working vacation means copious amounts of wine, how can you go wrong? A couple of times on the trip, I questioned my food (and beverage) choices, but decided to make a lifelong change, we have to allow ourselves those decadent moments. For the first time in my dieting history, I didn’t let the overwhelming guilt of ‘cheating’ throw me completely off course. Upon my return home, I was back on track.

I was reinvigorated after a few days off and felt great being back at work last week. The great feelings only improved after I was officially offered a full time job upon completion of my one-year contract. I’m extremely happy about this on a professional level, but especially happy on a personal level because I get to stay in my hometown/home province where my support system is.

Finally, I have to admit I was afraid to step on my scale after the three-days-of-decadence experience, but I finally got up the nerve on Monday. I was down another 4.5 lbs, bringing my grand total to 21. 

I’m not going to lie and say this process has been easy, and I am well aware the darkest days are yet to come, but I am really proud of my accomplishments thus far.

I’m also one step closer to darkening the doors of the scary, scary gym. My workout clothes and sneakers are in my car.


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