Party woes

This week I said so long to my best work friend. We had a terrific year of coffee runs and weekend adventures, and I’m going to miss her dearly. This fab girl warranted a fab send off – which I think we accomplished. From last-day cake to a fantastic party with all the fixings, we said goodbye in style.

Anyone who has ever been on a diet and/or healthy living plan knows these types of events present major willpower tests. This week I felt like I was the protagonist in a avoid-the-junk-food video game (read: the worst video game ever). 

First, the cake: I cut it, put it on plates and refrained from indulging. In my head I heard the sound of coins being collected in super Mario brothers. Truthfully, if I’m going to cheat, it’s probably not going to be on store bought cake.

Second, the party: despite offers, I didn’t consume any alcohol and stuck mostly to the veggie tray, along with two pieces of cheese with two wheat thins. I heard the sound of more coins.

While there were goodbye tears, I was still really proud of my willpower.

This morning, however, I weighed myself a coupled days early to know where I stood before I went away for the week. Not only have I not lost anymore, I gained 0.4 of a pound. I was crushed. I heard the descending minor scale that plays when Mario dies.

And just like that plumber protagonist, I will start again this week at the beginning of the level.


2 thoughts on “Party woes

  1. Meanwhile, I drank a mocktail, a spiked mocktail, a spiked I’m-not-sure-what-but it-tastes-good, and then Corey and I went home and ate a bunch of cookies. You can have my clothes when I expand out of them and/or die of diabetic coma.

  2. Hey there! Anyone that has had the pleasure (uh-huh) of going through what you and I are, knows what it is like to see the numbers inch up a little. You will get through it:) Stick to your guns and reach for small goals at a time. Congrats on your 8 pound weight loss! Forget the .4 and have a great week!!

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